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Installation Process

Layout Travertine

Mark off area for new travertine installation.

Lot Preparation and Grading

It is a good idea to contact your local Blue Stake to insure that you will be free of any local utility lines underground. Once Blue Stake has been contacted, we can begin laying out where the travertine will go. Before we begin the demo process, we will cap off, redirect or cancel any irrigation and sprinkler lines if needed. Next, we will demo and remove excess gravel, dirt, sod or debris. After this is completed, we will grade your property, allowing for proper drainage. Finally, we'll install sleeves or any utilities if needed. 

Sub-base, Sand and Compact

Now you are ready for the sub base. The sub base consists of crushed granite, A/B mix or 1/4 minus. We will spread this base layer evenly, water it, and plate compact the property once this base is laid. After compaction, we will add a layer of mortar or concrete sand, water it, and then plate compact the property again. Using a 2x4 or other choice of straight edge, we will drag the sand to level off the area.

Ready for Travertine

Starting from the longest straight area closest to the home, we will begin laying your travertine in the design of you choice. (2, 3, 4, or 5 piece random, Versaille, K-pattern running bond, Herringbone, Basket Weave, and Hopscotch are several of the paver patterns available). Once we have the field of travertine just about completed, we can mark off any cuts that will be required to finish off the field area. After we finish any necessary cuts, we will install the cement outer border known as either the traditional side by side "soldier course" or the non traditional edge to edge "sailor course".

Blow, Sand and Lets Go!

To begin finishing off the property, we start by blowing off and sweeping the top of travertine. After this is done, we will apply polymeric sand onto the tops of the travertine. Finally, we will sweep the sand into the spaces between the travertine and apply water onto the sand in order to activate it. (read the directions on polymeric sand for the best results). 

Enjoy Your Travertine!



Travis - Phoenix

Jim/Darlene - Mesa

Jim/Darlene - Mesa

"Great job and wonderful guys. Please use us as a reference anytime. I'd be happy to tell anyone how professional and skilled you and your team are."


Jim/Darlene - Mesa

Jim/Darlene - Mesa

Jim/Darlene - Mesa

"We couldn't be more satisfied with the work that Eladio and his crew did for us. They were extremely professional and tidy with their work space. Each day we are given compliments from our neighbors regarding the work done. We would recommend 

AZ PaveScapes to anybody!"


Sue - Scottsdale

Jim/Darlene - Mesa

Sue - Scottsdale

"Just had work done by 

AZ PaveScapes. I can't say enough about them. Professional, reasonable prices, respectful, creative... You get it all! Such a pleasure to work with them. Eladio Sr, Eladio Jr, Juan and his team are the best!!!"